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Character Demo Reel

🎮 Game-Changing 3D Models: Elevate your gaming experience with my  3D character models. Meticulously crafted to breathe life into virtual worlds, my models redefine the standards of immersive gameplay.


🎬 Cinematic Brilliance: Embark on a cinematic journey where characters come alive on the silver screen. My 3D models are designed to captivate audiences, adding depth and authenticity to every frame. Your vision, our artistry—making movie magic together.

Shift Pixy Project

Going back to 2012 to one of my more successful projects as a 3D Artist earning my chips in the industry. Over at Reel FX one of my favorite places to work. My tasks in this particular video promo for Kings Isle games pertained to modeling the characters and the Armada (the ship). I created blend shapes for Gandry the monkey. I obtained good habits on creating topology for deformation on this project. 

This video is a turning point in my career. This is when Reel FX put all the confidence in my abilities to be able and create these wonderful characters in the Wizards 101 world. It was such an honor and challenge I will never forget. 

My work in between Games and TV have always switched. Here is a video of a Nissan 30 sec TV spot I worked on for Zimmerman Advertising a few years ago. My job was to create the black and white world we see. It is a inspired environment of Pamplona Spain- " The running of the bulls". 

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