Welcome to my world. A place where I can showcase my passion, my Love and skill for  Art. I have a diverse set of skills. I can use many different tools to communicate creative vision. 

▲ Digital sculpting and Illustrating. 

▲ Character/Creature concept and development.

▲ Character/Creature modeling and texture.

▲ Hard surface polygon modeling and texturing.

▲ UV mapping / normal mapping / displacement mapping.

A solid understanding of

▲ Real time rendering.

▲ Rigging / skinning and set up for animation.

▲ Traditional 2D animation and 3D animation.

▲  Editing and working with sound.

▲  Special effects / working with particles.

Pro efficient in

▲ Autodesk Maya.

▲ Autodesk Mud Box.

▲ Pixologic Z Brush.

▲ Adobe Photo Shop.

▲ Substance Painter .

This mural was created using an airbrush and interior latex paint for base coats. I used acrylic paints for some of the work. It was completed in 5 days. The concept was done in a day with very minimal client changes. Some of the ideas evolved a bit as I layed out the concept. 


My style can be very dark, it is why I enjoy creating creatures but I do have a lighter side in my style. I enjoy exploring this other side of me and it is always a surprise what I come up with. These paintings below are created using coffee a bit of charcoal on raw canvas.