Marlon Pacheco

Welcome to my world.  I am very passionate about my work. I am in pursuit of  sharing my story with  you. I thrive to be better at what I do and how I carry myself as a professional Artist and a human being. I am a Mid to Sr. Level 3D Artist with emphasis in Character Art. The purpose of this online portfolio is to showcase my skills and abilities as an Artist and a story teller. 

My choice of career path was animation because it is a gateway for Artist like myself that ultimately want to create characters in worlds with stories and animate them. This is my work.

I had the privilege of working on three AAA  titles at EA Sports.  I worked as a Character Artist in Madden 16, 17 and 18. Above are a few of my works. My time at EA Sports was very rewarding. 


                       My Passion Project has evolved in many forms. I began experimenting with this character and his world as a college thesis. It is an urban dark world based in the 80's.  I used Maya and Zbrush. After Effects and Photoshop were used for comping and textures. This story will evolve as my Art matures along with my experience as a creative director. I will revisit this project in the near future for a solid execution. 

The title is " Under the Sixth"


Orlando Florida /