This personal project has evolved so much since I created it years ago.  It is a character that emerged from my past when I painted graffiti on a large scale. I enjoy creating stories in my head, fleshing them all out on time is a challenge. I tend to write down synopsis of my ideas and hope to get to them at the right time.  


   A graffiti artist loses his little brother to police brutality.  

Little brother was spotted inside the "2 line" subway tunnel on Sunday by 

Vandal Squad specialist attempting to deface public property.  

    The police officer involved claims his life was threatened when the 

suspect aimed what was initially a firearm at the officer and had no 

other option but to fire once at the suspect fatally wounding him. No 

charges have been filed.

(News Editorial)

  filled with anger Kidex feels his little brothers murder 

was unjust and uses this motive as fuel to navigate his drive for revenge. 

Gone on a graffitti rampage He journeys through the tri boroughs in a 

silent roar. He conquers all lines but one; "The 2 train". Such a train is

 always in service, Kidex must paint it while it runs. 

   On this Subterranean night Kidex comes face to face with that Savage badge

who claimed little brothers life. Will he meet the same fate his little bro did on 

that cold dark night. Or will he succeed and have his revenge?

Stay tuned...



4:10 PM 6/19/2008


Below is a art test submission for Top Cow I did in 2016. I have always loved comic books and I wanted to introduce 3d into the workflow.  I experimented with different digital mediums to achieve this look.