Character Art

Creating creatures and villains is my specialty. I enjoy diving right into Zbrush and fleshing out ideas. I also illustrate many of my concepts. 

Here are a few of my own personal projects. 

This is Omega Red from Marvel Comics. The concept was created by:

Marco  Nelor, (


I made small changes to the art for technical purposes. This character model was created in Maya. Zbrush and Photoshop were part of this workflow. I thought beyond modeling and composed a Vray render with a toon pass and created what you see here. I am always looking to find ways of bridging the gap between 2d and 3d. 

Look Dev is a big part of my passion but it is in my nature to want and take characters beyond development and into render phase. 


I am a big Star Wars fan. Below are some Darth Bane concepts I worked on my own time. I read"The Rule of Two" and got inspired.

All of the art works below are all done using zbrush BPR renders taken into photoshop for comp. 



This 3D character was inspired by a creaturebox concept- It was created using Maya and Zbrush. Rendered using Vray. Photoshop was used for textures.