It all began in 2006 it was my last year at MIU where I earned my Bachelors in Fine Arts. I was fortunate enough to be able and get started in the industry before my graduation in 2007. A colleague of mine needed someone to replace him at The Spanish Broadcast Network. I was hired as a Jr. CG Artist working for the newly launched TV channel "Mega Tv". 

  At Mega TV I picked up valuable experience as a professional cg artist. I was also honored to be able and earn 2 Emmy Awards. The awards were for Art Direction and Graphics. 

   It has been my best accomplishment to date. To the left is the animated show opener that won one of the Emmy's. As you can see in the photo I am holding 2.


Flash Forward


    A great opportunity presented itself my second year at Mega Tv. I was offered a job at Radium in Los Angeles as a CG Artist working on Big Brand name commercials like: Target, Taco Bell, GMC motors,  just to name a few. On the left is a video compilation of some of those works. 

    My job in these videos was that of a CG generalist. However I focused alot on modeling textures and lighting. I did my own rigging and concept work. 

    I gained massive amounts of experience at Radium Studios, I was around industry pros most of my time in LA. 



    In 2011 I was hired by Reel Fx. One good reason why that job was so rewarding because I sat near industry heavy hitters and always was learning from them. The Book of Life and Turkeys were so inspiring to watch get done. 

     My job was to work in the TV dept as a CG Artist. 

     To the left and below are some video of my works at Reel Fx.

My job was to model, texture, light, rig and render out all my projects. I wore many hats but focused on characters for commercials. 


Film Credit



In 2015 I entered the Game Industry and filled 3 contracts at EA Sports. In between contracts at EA I was freelancing as a Game Artist for IOS Ipad system. Here are a few works.

On my spare time at EA, I would enjoy painting dry erase murals for my team so they can be inspired every week.


Below is an edit of some of those murals.